Who Is Carolina Pet Company?

Many of us prefer to shop small. From the moment we step into a boutique or visit a website, you can feel and understand the passion that the team has for what they are doing. They have an amazing back story and reason for doing what they do. It makes us feel good to help support their cause and/or their business.

Have you ever wondered about the story behind Carolina Pet Company? Recently, local South Carolina publication, Newberry Magazine, wrote this amazing story about our company and the people behind it.

The CPC Family
Top Row: Rebekah, Louis, Antonio,  Joel; Middle Row: Mr. Christian, Brenda, Mary, Betty, Ana, Carmen, Jose; Bottom Row: Ely,  Lisbeth, Mariana, Brenda, Patty,  Lillian

“I am embarrassed. I live on McNeary Street in Prosperity, also known as Highway 391. My husband has lived on this street his entire life. Between us, we thought we knew everything there was to know about Prosperity and the surrounding area. Not so.

Just a few miles out of town on Highway 391, hidden in the woods, is one of the premier pet companies in America, Carolina Pet Company. If you have a dog bed that you bought from a catalog, it probably was made in Prosperity. If you have a PurrPadd® for your cat, it was made here. Who knew?” Andy Hawkins

Newberry Magazine, Nov/Dec 2022 Issue
Article by: Andy Hawkins
Photography by: Charlie Wilbanks