Purr Padd Cat Bed

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A bed even your cat can love! This ultra-soft, polyester pad works great on sofas, chairs, carriers, or anywhere else your cat likes to sleep. The special fibers work as an insulator to absorb and hold heat while their electrostatic charge traps hair dirt and dust. Machine wash and hang dry.

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  • 20”w x 20”d x 1½”h
  • Set of 2 ultra-soft polyester pads
  • Electrostatic charge traps hair dirt and dust
  • Fibers work as an insulator to absorb and hold heat
  • Use on furniture or as padding for carrier
  • Machine wash and hang dry
  • Made in the USA

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Charcoal, White

1 review for Purr Padd Cat Bed

  1. kathryntbell (verified owner)

    Our cats LOVE these pads, and so do I. They do a great job of catching cat hair and dander, so much so that I keep three on the foot of our bed. Both cats seek out the pads, even preferring them to the bedspread. Our big galoot, “Clark,” cannot stop himself from kneading the pad, claws out, and purring as soon as he sets foot on it. It is a ritual which occurs every single time – which is why we have to replace them eventually. They are victims of his love 😀 – And his sister loves hers, too.

  2. Cheryl Bever

    So glad to hear they (and you) love them!! And that the pads are working hard in your home! Enjoy!!!

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