Mysterious Kitty Kuddler Nesting Cat Bed

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Two beds in one! Folded down, you’ve created a bed for your pet to snuggle. Unfold to create a hide-away for your cat. This ultra soft, polyester pad works great on sofas, chairs, or any where else your cat likes to sleep. The special fibers work as an insulator to absorb and hold heat while their electrostatic charge traps hair dirt and dust. Machine wash and hang dry.

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  • 20”w x 17”d x 7”h
  • Two beds in one! Kuddler & Tunnel
  • Unfolds to 12”d tunnel
  • Ultra soft polyester with electrostatic charge traps hair dirt and dust
  • Fibers work as an insulator to absorb and hold heat
  • Made in USA

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Charcoal, White

3 reviews for Mysterious Kitty Kuddler Nesting Cat Bed

  1. kathryntbell (verified owner)

    Our male cat simply cannot resist his “Kitty Kuddler.” He climbs in, flops down and kneads the sides and bottom of the bed, so much so that he’s shredded the bottoms of three of these so far. This kneading ritual makes him blissfully trancelike. Eventually he just passes out and sleeps like a baby. He also loves (and kneads!) his Purr pads, too. Both products are now pet essentials at our house. Really trap the cat hair, while pleasing my fur faced companion.

  2. Cheryl Bever

    Oh that is so great!! So glad he likes it!

  3. sharmon (verified owner)

    I purchased a gray kitty kuddler bed a couple of weeks ago because my cats have worn out the purr pads that they like. As soon as it was out of the box, Ash claimed it for her own. Since then, Tux and Eugenie have taken turns in it, so I thought I’d better get 2 more so they wouldn’t have to share. I also bought a new pack of purr pads which Robin is enjoying. Out of my 5 cats, only Sterling hasn’t given them a try (so far). The price and the quality are great! Shipping was very fast.

  4. Cheryl Bever

    Oh YAY! I am so glad they like it just as much as the purr pads! Thank you for your review. Enjoy!

  5. kathryntbell (verified owner)

    Elvis loves it! This bed is where he curls up for hours on end, nearly every day. After conducting a rigorous inspection of his kingdom (the back yard), he has a quick snack and retires to his Kuddler to nap, especially when it’s cold or wet outside. The bed seems to be very cozy and comforting. He kneads it so much that, eventually, his claws shred the bottom. We’ve resorted to adding a Purr Pad to extend the functionality of the Kuddlers until we get around to ordering new ones. They are a reasonable price, ship free and arrive quickly. Great product.

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