Helping Hound

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters every year. Although they are brought to a shelter, most of these animals don’t have a comfortable place to sleep or the proper supplies they need.

What is Helping Hound?

Because of our unconditional love for pets, we are using our unique talent for making pet beds to help do our part. We are em-BARK-ing on a project we are calling Helping HoundTM. The idea is very simple: customers buy a bed from our Carolina Pet Collection, and we donate a portion of the proceeds from that purchase to our featured animal shelter! No strings attached, no fine print, nothing between the lines!

This is our way of giving back; by using our unique talent for making pet beds to make this transition stage of a rescue animal a little more comfortable.

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Our Featured Shelter

Our trusted partner Brother Wolf Animal Rescue ensures that our donation promise is upheld. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, BWAR was founded in 2007 to provide resources and life-saving programs to build No-Kill communities. With a mission of “Uncompromising Compassion,” BWAR is an adoption center open to the public making it easy for all to adopt, volunteer and save animal lives on a daily basis. With the help of BWAR, Helping Hound is able to reach hundreds of animals needing love and support.

Read more about Brother Wolf Animal Rescue here >

How Can You Help?

Your part is simple! Browse our Carolina Pet Collection and purchase an item for your pet. We will then take a portion of your purchase and donate it to our featured shelter. That’s it! Ready to help a shelter pet today? Start shopping now!