Zola Hosts BYOP(uppy) Event Featuring Carolina Pet Beds!

Weddings are happy occasions that should include the entire family, even your furry best friend! This is exactly what Zola thought when they hosted their first ever BYOP(uppy) party last month. If you aren’t familiar with Zola they are everything you could ever need for wedding planning; from creating your registry to setting up your wedding website, to customizing your invitations. Their motto is, “We will do anything for love.”

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

The idea behind their BYOP event is to make registering for wedding gifts a fun occasion that the entire family can participate in. The event was held in late March at their New York City location. One was able to shop hundreds of top registry gifts perfect for you or your pup, including Carolina Pet products! Plus guests enjoyed Ollie dog food tastings and a custom photo booth.

Zola Dog Day

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event in NYC Location

Because we believe dogs are an important part of the family, we were totally excited about the idea behind this event! We donated beds from both our Carolina Pet and Pendleton Pet Collections along with matching collars, leashes and wearable to set the stage for the event. These made great for photo ops and gave customers a chance to experience the quality of our product first hand.

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

Customers trying out the Pendleton Pet Beds

“Carolina Pet Company was honored to be a sponsor and delighted with the success of the event.”
~Christian Theodore, President of Carolina Pet Company.

All in all, this was a great event for human and canine alike! According to a spokesperson at Zola, the event was a resounding success and we can expect more like it in the future.

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

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