Tips for Camping with Your Dog During National Camping Month

June is National Camping Month, making it the perfect time to pack up your gear, grab your furry friend, and emBARK into the great outdoors. Camping with your dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience, offering both you and your pet a chance to bond and enjoy nature together. To ensure a memorable trip, here are some tips and essential items to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping trip with your dog.

photo by MyCanineLife
photo by MyCanineLife

Preparation is Key

Before you set out on your adventure, make sure your dog is ready for the trip. Ensure they are up-to-date on vaccinations and protected against fleas, ticks, and other parasites. A visit to the vet for a quick health check-up is a good idea.

Essential Items to Pack

Leash and Harness: Even if your dog is well-behaved off-leash, many campgrounds have leash regulations. A sturdy leash and a comfortable harness are must-haves.

Collar with ID Tags: Ensure your dog’s collar has up-to-date ID tags with your contact information. Microchipping your dog adds an extra layer of security.

photo: Travels with Quigley

Doggie First Aid Kit: Include bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers (for tick removal), and any necessary medications your dog might need. Paw and Nose balms can help keep your pet protected from dry, cracked skin.

Pendleton Pet Paw & Nose Balms

Food and Water: Bring enough food for the entire trip plus a little extra. Store the food in a sealable travel bag that is easy to have on hand. Pack a portable water bowl and ensure your dog stays hydrated. Avoid letting them drink from stagnant water sources.

Pendleton Pet Travel Bowl and Food Bag

Bedding and Blankets: Your dog will appreciate having a familiar place to sleep. Bring their bed or a comfortable blanket. Outdoor beds are great for this as they are easy to clean and protect against the elements. Crate mats also make for great travel beds as they are easy to fit in the car or tent.

Comfort Cushions make great travel beds

Toys and Chews: To keep your dog entertained and relaxed, bring along some of their favorite toys and chews.

Waste Bags: Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your dog. Pack plenty of waste bags and dispose of them properly.

Pendleton Pet Waste Bag Holders

Car Seat Cover: While not essential, having a cover for the seats of your car will help keep any dirt, fur, leaves and other tag alongs from the forest off of your upholstery.

Car Seat Covers protect your upholstery from messes

Safety Tips

Keep Your Dog on a Leash: Wildlife and unfamiliar surroundings can tempt even the most obedient dogs to wander. Keeping your dog on a leash helps prevent them from getting lost or into trouble.

Stay Cool and Hydrated: Summer temperatures can soar, so ensure your dog has access to shade and plenty of water. Avoid strenuous activities during the hottest parts of the day.

Watch for Wildlife: Be aware of the wildlife in the area. Keep your dog away from potential hazards like snakes, porcupines, and other animals.

Campfire Safety: Dogs are curious and might get too close to the campfire. Keep an eye on them to prevent burns or other injuries.

Respect Other Campers: Not everyone is comfortable around dogs. Keep your dog under control and respect other campers’ space.

Enjoy the Experience

Camping with your dog can be a delightful experience filled with adventure and companionship. Whether you’re hiking through trails, swimming in lakes, or relaxing by the campfire, the bond you share with your furry friend will grow stronger. Remember to capture those special moments and, most importantly, have fun.

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