Four Paws Up!

Historically tough bed critic gets her first Carolina Pet Company Pendleton Pet bed and here is the result….

“Our dog, Shelby, has historically not been able to have a bed. She’s pretty rough on them–we tried twice! She never slept on them and basically, just roughed them up and then shredded them.

She’s older now and still a “shredder” of toys–but with arthritis, we were hoping maybe she’d appreciate a bed of her own. At night, she does sleep at the end of our bed – but during the day (when not chasing squirrels in the yard), she sleeps in a sunbeam in the living room.

She played hard to get last night when I unboxed the shipment…and then after we went to bed this happened:

Shelby – The bestest-ever Catahoula Leopard Dog

Not only are the products of the highest quality–even the packaging was stellar. I have long been a fan of the brand, so I am not surprised…but impressed nonetheless.” ~ Melanie, Shelby’s human

We are so happy that Shelby found a bed that she can appreciate! We know that your dog will LOVE our Pendleton Pet Collection. Try one out today!

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