Eco-Friendly Products

Our passion for quality & our commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind the creation of Carolina Pet Company. Being Pet owners, we only want the best for our pets. So we developed this collection of hard-working, comfortable pet beds & convenience products that perfectly coordinate with the style of your home.

There’s more to our beds than comfort & style. We understand the importance of protecting our environment and do our part by using a high loft 100% recycled fiber to prevent waste from ending up in landfills (1 lb. of our high loft fill diverts 20 plastic bottles). We support suppliers certified in sustainable practices to protect our forests for future generations. And we use only natural soy in our foam inserts instead of commonly used harmful CFC chemicals to reduce our environmental footprint & demand for fossil fuels.

Since opening in 2001, we’ve diverted over 33,000,000 bottles from landfills!