PRESS RELEASE: Pet Bed Manufacturer Donation for Orlando Massacre Survivor Comfort Dogs

What a neat story!

“…when K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry of the Lutheran Church Charities of Northbrook, Illinois, sent two teams to the survivors, first responders, and dispatchers of the nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida, another group stepped in to make sure the pups themselves were equally cared for – the eco-friendly Carolina Pet Bed Company…”

Denali: An Outdoor Photographer and His Dog

Over just seven minutes, a sad, funny and ultimately beautiful story unfolds between a man and his dog. This film, titled “Denali,” celebrates a relationship that survived a nomadic lifestyle, a bout with cancer and—ultimately—death. It’s a stunning and moving portrait, both emotional and stoic—and always relatable.

Outdoor and surf photographer Ben Moon adopted his dog Denali in 1999. They stuck together through good times and bad, further forging an unforgettable bond. Under the direction of Felt Soul Media‘s Ben Knight, cinematographer Skip Armstrong and with the support ofPatagonia, their story has become available to everyone.

“There was this really smart scientist guy who said that people can learn a lot from dogs. He said that when someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy,” explains the narrator—Knight, who also authored the script from Denali’s perspective. There is joy to this film. Coupled with the beach scenes and landscapes, this joy is resonant and makes the film truly worth watching.

Video and images courtesy of Patagonia

10 National Parks

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CPC Beds in the news!

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Dog’s Best Day

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Everyone Loves Pendleton Pet

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Good afternoon!

I just left a voicemail at your office about placing a re-order after the gift show (we just received our order today and could not be happier with the quality, color, and sizes!). We would love to order a small Pendleton dog bed in Great Smokey Mountains and Rainier. We are also looking into ordering some collars and leashes so we would love to discuss! “JL&Co.”

Rachel Ray Couch Potato Segment

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Rachel Ray Video

The Best Dog Accessories: 17 Ways to Upgrade Your Pooch’s Summer Street Style

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Though they are arguably America’s most beloved pet (sorry, cat people), dogs often get the short end of the stick, so to speak, when it comes to their accessories. Summer is the season to give your pooch’s street style a boost: The time to toss your dog’s weatherworn retractable leash out for upgraded models such as Shinola’s colorful collar-and-leash sets is now. The same goes for making your dog’s house a home; while Fido may not register the sartorial benefits of, say, Henri Bendel’s ceramic bone-shaped dog bowl, or Horchow’s vintage-inspired striped dog bed, they’ll certainly make your kitchen floor look a lot chicer. As for the poshest pups, those who will only be toted in Louis Vuitton, then of course only the matching monogram collar will do.

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Summertime Pet Safety

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Porscha The Frenchie Practicing Safe Summer Pet Traveling
Photo Credit: Instagram @Porscha_The_Frenchie

Summertime often means packing up to go exploring. Usually, this entails taking your dog(s) with you.

Vacation planning for you and your pet depends upon climate, time on the road, and accommodations. Nature seekers tend to bring Fido along so together, they can experience the great-outdoors and wildlife first hand.

Imagine packing your knapsack with water, snacks, hiking gear, etc. Why wouldn’t you want to pack a few essentials for your dog’s well-being, comfort and convenience ? Keep reading as we have you and Fido covered. Together,  you can have a safe and entertaining summer outdoors.

Things to keep in mind when enjoying summertime with your dog:

Bug bites just maybe summer’s No. 1 downfall. We find insect bites and bugs to be annoying, but they can be an even bigger hindrance to our dogs—not to mention health hazardous. Flees, ticks, and heart-worm can cause dogs skin irritations, discomfort, and can also be deadly.  Summertime is the highest time of year for dogs to contract these various forms of parasites. All of which, come from being outdoors. Do not worry; there are several forms of prevention that responsible pet parents  can take before exposing their pets to the great outdoors – whether it be the yard, park or wilderness.  The best and safest way to determine  what method of prevention is best suited for your pet is a visit to your veterinarian. Flee & tick preventatives come in a large assortment of applications; skin application, shampoos, and flea & tick collars. Heartworm preventatives come in a selection of oral applications that need to be taken once a month.

Play it on the safe side—leave the bugs in the grass and not on your dog this summer.



Bugs are a pesky summertime problem, but the persistent heat can be another issue for dogs too. Dogs sweat through their paws and tongue (hence panting). Just as it is important for humans to stay hydrated and protected from the blistering heat the same goes for our dogs. When traveling by car, bike, or walking on a hot summer day remember to take along plenty of water for you, any traveling companions and your four-legged child. Dogs may not be expert water bottle sippers, but The Carolina Pet and Pendleton Woolen Mills National Park Pet Collection has a slew of collapsible food/water bowls that are perfect for your  next road trip – near or far. Aside, from National Park color inspired bowls that fold into your pocket take a note to always make sure your dog has enough water during the summer months—especially if they’re kept outside. Freezing bowls of water for your dog is a dog-gone good way to make sure it will last throughout the day. Pets like people can dehydrate in the heat too.

So, we have our flee, tick, and heartworm prevention. Check! Water on the go, check! Now you and Fido are hiking in Yellow Stone National Park and yikes! He’s been sprayed by a skunk. Wildlife encounters happen within a blink of an eye and it is important to react quickly—especially, if your pooch is skunked. You’ll want to wash your pet’s eyes with a mild eye solution and begin the bathing process. Remedies of tomato juice, peroxide, apple vinegar, and baking soda will help with the elimination of the stench.  A recipe for using these ingredients can be found HERE.

Other wildlife encounters can be vast  and include run-ins with raccoons, possums, and coyotes to name only a few road hazards. Whether the dog sees these critters on a hiking expedition or in your backyard depends upon your location. Healthy possums, squirrels, and raccoons typically won’t bother dogs. It is imperative that your pup is up-to-date on all his/hers shots. Wild animals hunt at dawn and dusk. If possible, keep your pet indoors during that duration of time. Having minimal trash and food left outside will decrease the likelihood that wildlife will come snooping around your backyard or camp site.

Bentley Safely Riding in his Car Carrier

Bentley Safely Riding in his Car Carrier

And last, traveling with your dog(s) is either really pleasant or just a nightmare. Whether you are going by car, plane, or train there are things you can do and should consider in order to reduce pet anxiety and ensure pet safety. Speaking with your vet about a mild sedative or the dosage of children’s Benadryl can help reduce pet travel anxiety. When traveling by car, remember to buckle up! Pet car seats for smaller breeds are great and transport cages for larger dogs will ensure that Fido gets from point A to point B safely.  NOTE: some states already have containment laws for pets traveling in cars – make sure you know the laws in the states you intend to travel through and to. Try not to feed your dog right before traveling. This will decrease the chance of car sickness. If your pup suffers from car sickness traveling with a slightly open window can help with his/her symptoms.

Whew, there is a lot to remember here, but just trust your pet parent instincts and remembers the tips above. By doing so, you and Fido are going to have the best summer yet.  “Woof Woof” – it means thank you in dog speak!

**PS As surprising as it may sound, many dogs are susceptible to sunburn especially on their noses! While a great looking baseball cap may be your best sunburn preventative there are bound to be fit issues with your canine companion. Check online or your local pet store for sunscreen ointments for pets.


Did You Say, “Road Trip?!”

Let Nature In With The New National Park Pet Collection

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Carolina Pet & Pendleton Woolen Mills

Both dogs and their owners are drooling at the notion of spring and what it means for both species – more time outdoors! This past winter was especially harsh for all of us. Spring’s arrival means there is more time for Frisbee in the park and strolls around the block. The question remains: are you and your furry best friend prepared to enjoy nature this spring?

If you have a suitable leash and collar to safely enjoy the great outdoors, and be a responsible pet owner, then you are good to go. If your answer is no or if your leash and collar duo is looking a little shabby perhaps you should consider shopping The Pendleton Pet National Park Collection from Carolina Pet Company. The new National Park Collection, set to launch in June, has an assortment of leashes and collars that are ideal for long neighborhood stroll or field trips near and far.

There are 10 National Parks plus the Yakima Camp Collection that that have been used to inspire and create the new Pendleton Pet line. No matter your selection; you’ll love the unique patterns and gorgeous colors borrowed from the iconic Pendleton Woolen Mills woven blankets.

Similar to the partnership between Carolina Pet Company and Pendleton Woolen Mills, you and your dog will be able to explore the outdoors in innovative, exciting, and stylish ways.

Did you know that there are two styles of leashes and collars for each National Parks? It is true, you can pick a Hiker Collar and Leash made with grosgrain ribbon over nylon webbing or the Explorer Collar and Leash crafted with grosgrain ribbon, nylon and bridal leather.



All that walking, jumping and outdoor romping with your pet might make both of you a little parched. You can take a swig from your water bottle and Fido can happily gulp from his very own Portable and Collapsible Water Tote. And, if he’s hungry, he can chow down on his favorite kibble neatly contained in his Portable and Collapsible Food Tote. Both the water and food tote are available in all the National Park and Yakima Camp colors and patterns!

No matter your open-air destination, you and your dog will dig these new National Park and Yakima Camp pet products…why not at the end of a long day’s play treat your best friend to a matching, and oh so comfortable, Pendleton Pet bed?



It’s just a thought…

The Featured Parks in the Collection:

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