Honoring America’s National Parks with the Pendleton Pet Collection

Carolina Pet Company is the exclusive licensee of the iconic Pendleton® Woolen Mills “Pendleton Pet Collection.” This year, we have been celebrating the National Park collection with a new email and social media campaign highlighting a different National Park. This campaign will be promoting the Pendleton Pet National Park Collection with a feature story every month starting with Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state and traveling across the country ending the campaign by featuring Acadia National Park in Maine later in the year.

Park of the Month

Pendleton Yosemite Park blanket

Photo: Pendleton Woolen Mills

The National Park Pet Collection was developed by Carolina Pet, inspired by the colors and design elements of Pendleton’s home collection. The iconic patterns are scaled to fit pet beds, collars, leashes and jackets that compliment Pendleton’s home assortment. The collection calls on the inspiration of eight popular National Parks.

Pendleton Pet National Park Collection

Photo: Kristian Irey

A percentage of proceeds from the sales of the Pendleton Pet Collection go to the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s National Parks. These funds support two special landmark-restoration projects, the restoration of the historic lobby of the Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park, which was completed last year, and now the preservation and accessibility of the Historic Grand Canyon Train Depot in Grand Canyon National Park.

National Park Foundation

“Carolina Pet is proud of being part of this effort to help protect these American Treasures, our National Parks,” says Carolina Pet owner Edward Bobowski.

Carolina Pet Owner Prints

Chtimi, Berlioz, Cassie, Laura and Barkley Testers, critics, models and beloved pets of our Founders!

How Carolina Pet Celebrates Earth Day, Every Day!

The Carolina Pet factory and warehouse is located in Prosperity, SC in the midst of beautiful cedar forests. Because of this, we take the saving environment seriously making sure that everything we can do to eliminate waste, we do, to protect these scenic views for years to come.

Prosperity SC Forest

View across the street from the Carolina Pet Factory

It is important to us that we partner with companies that have the same values as we do. Therefore, we only work with suppliers that are certified in sustainable practices. Together, we can protect our beautiful forests for future generations.Soy based foam

Foam is full of harmful chemicals and, unfortunately, our beds use quite a bit of foam. However, we have partnered with a supplier that replaces the harmful CFC chemicals in our foam inserts with natural soy products. This eliminates our environmental footprint and reduces the energy demand on quickly depleting fossil fuels.


In addition to foam, many of our beds feature a high loft fiber pillow fill. Our fills feature our trademarked MemoryFiber™, a 100% recycled fiber derived from plastic bottles! 1lb of our high loft fill divers 7 plastic bottles from ending up in our land fills! You will know this fiber by its green color.



High Loft Fiber Fill Derived from Plastic Bottles


Green Color = MemoryFiber












In addition to our MemoryFiber™ we decrease waste in our manufacturing process by recycling unusable materials in our factory. Namely the fiber used in our Purr Pads and Kitty Kuddler. We make these items in our domestic factory in Prosperity, SC. The material left after we cut what we need would normally just go into the garbage, and then the landfill. However, we shred this extra fiber and use as fills in our pet beds.

Kitty Kuddlers and Purr Pads

Kitty Kuddlers and Purr Pads

Kitty Kuddlers and Purr Pads

Kitty Kuddlers and Purr Pads In Production












Kitty Kuddlers and Purr Pads

Kitty Kuddlers and Purr Pads In Production


Recycled Fiber

Shredded Fiber Eliminating Factory Waste

The forests are not just beautiful places to look at; we love exploring the woods with our pets and we want to make sure they stay as long as possible. Therefore, we are committed to making earth friendly choices without sacrificing quality, style and comfort. With our pet beds, you can expect premium eco-friendly products, without the high, premium prices.

Exploring in the forest

Exploring in the forest

Exploring in the forest


Carolina Pet Owner Prints

Chtimi, Berlioz, Cassie, Laura and Barkley Testers, critics, models and beloved pets of our Founders!

Zola Hosts BYOP(uppy) Event Featuring Carolina Pet Beds!

Weddings are happy occasions that should include the entire family, even your furry best friend! This is exactly what Zola thought when they hosted their first ever BYOP(uppy) party last month. If you aren’t familiar with Zola they are everything you could ever need for wedding planning; from creating your registry to setting up your wedding website, to customizing your invitations. Their motto is, “We will do anything for love.”

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

The idea behind their BYOP event is to make registering for wedding gifts a fun occasion that the entire family can participate in. The event was held in late March at their New York City location. One was able to shop hundreds of top registry gifts perfect for you or your pup, including Carolina Pet products! Plus guests enjoyed Ollie dog food tastings and a custom photo booth.

Zola Dog Day

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event in NYC Location

Because we believe dogs are an important part of the family, we were totally excited about the idea behind this event! We donated beds from both our Carolina Pet and Pendleton Pet Collections along with matching collars, leashes and wearable to set the stage for the event. These made great for photo ops and gave customers a chance to experience the quality of our product first hand.

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

Customers trying out the Pendleton Pet Beds

“Carolina Pet Company was honored to be a sponsor and delighted with the success of the event.”
~Christian Theodore, President of Carolina Pet Company.

All in all, this was a great event for human and canine alike! According to a spokesperson at Zola, the event was a resounding success and we can expect more like it in the future.

Zola BYOP(uppy) Event

Carolina Pet Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of The Big Lebowski Movie with The Big LeBARKski Collection

2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of the cult classic The Big Lebowski! We are paying homage to “The Dude” with our Pendleton Pet Big LeBARKski collection!

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The Big LeBARKski as seen on Pet Age.com!

The iconic Pendleton Westerley sweater made it’s mark in the cult classic The Big Lebowski. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the film, we are paying homage to “The Dude” by translating THE sweater into dog size!

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The Big LeBARKski Pet Collection

Carolina Pet offers The Big LeBARKski. The collection, inspired by the Pendleton Woolen Mills Westerly sweater and made famous by Jeff Bridges in “The Big Lebowski,” a cult classic movie, is now available in sweaters, toys, collars, leashes and cowls for pets.

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Dude! Carolina Pet Company Rolls Out The Big LeBARKski Line

Dude! It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, “The Big Lebowski” hit the big screen. Not to be confused with any old Lebowski, Carolina Pet Company partner Ed Bobowski says that they’ve licensed exclusively with the Pendleton Pet Collection to celebrate, and introduced their Big LeBARKski collection!

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Carolina Pet Spotted Fox & Friends Promotional Segment

Check out this great feature of our Pendleton Pet Beds by Petrendoligist Charlotte Reed on the Fox & Friends show! Click here to view the full video to get some great tips to prepare your pets for the frigid temps: http://bit.ly/2CHwvzo

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The Big LeBARKski on the Morning Blend

Check out our new Pendleton Pet Westerley Collection on the Morning Blend on KTTV. Petrendologist, Charlotte Reed, talks about our new collection called The Big LeBARKski, after the cult classic film. View the Big LeBARKski Sweater here > https://carolinapetcompany.com/catalog/shop/pendleton/pendleton-pet-classics-dog-sweater/