Fourth of July Pet Safety

The Fourth of July holiday can be a favorite to many. From pool fun, barbecues, get togethers, and of course – the fireworks! Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we need to do to prepare for the guests or travel, that we forget that this holiday can be down right terrifying for our pets! Here are some ideas on how to prepare your pet for the Fourth of July celebrations…

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Camping with Dogs

June is officially National Camping Month! Whether you are an RV’er, Glamper or like to “ruff” it – we all, including our dogs, LOVE camping!

Packing the essentials for you and your campers is key to a great experience. We have rounded up some great products to keep your pet comfortable on your trip…

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Easter Basket Ideas for your Dog!

Need some last minute ideas for gifts to fill your dog’s Easter Basket? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here a few quick and easy gift ideas for your dog.

Don’t celebrate Easter? No worries!! Do we really need a specific holiday to spoil our dogs with a gift? I think not. Consider these – “Just Because” gift ideas then 😉

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Happy Lebowski Day!

March 6th is the anniversary of the movie The Big Lebowski’s debut in North America in 1998. We are honoring this day by highlighting our very own Big LeBARKski Collection, inspired and modeled after the iconic Pendleton design. Read More…

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For The Love of Dogs ❤️

Our pets show us unconditional love all day, everyday. Every little thing they do is just the cutest and they are always there when we need them. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and to show our pets that we appreciate them choosing us as their companions, we’ve rounded up our favorite RED products. Read on to find the perfect one for your pet…

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How To Keep Your Dog Comfortable & Warm This Winter

Even though your dog has fur, that doesn’t mean that it is equipped to handle the cold temperatures for extended periods. Changes in the weather affect our dogs just like they can affect us. Not all dogs can handle freezing temperatures outdoors. Following are some helpful tips and things to know when making sure your furry friend is comfortable in the cold.

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A Look Into The Rich History of Carolina Pet Company

What a year 2020 has been! Though it was difficult, we made it and we are excited to embark on the possibilities 2021 has to offer!

As we turn over another year, we find ourselves taking a look into the past at the rich history of Prosperity, SC where our factory is located.

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