Author: Cheryl Bever

Honoring America’s National Parks with the Pendleton Pet Collection

Carolina Pet Company is the exclusive licensee of the iconic Pendleton® Woolen Mills “Pendleton Pet Collection.” This year, we have been celebrating the National Park collection with a new email and social media campaign highlighting a different National Park. This

How Carolina Pet Celebrates Earth Day, Every Day!

The Carolina Pet factory and warehouse is located in Prosperity, SC in the midst of beautiful cedar forests. Because of this, we take the saving environment seriously making sure that everything we can do to eliminate waste, we do, to

Zola Hosts BYOP(uppy) Event Featuring Carolina Pet Beds!

Weddings are happy occasions that should include the entire family, even your furry best friend! This is exactly what Zola thought when they hosted their first ever BYOP(uppy) party last month. If you aren’t familiar with Zola they are everything