Sweater Weather

In anticipation for sweater weather, let’s talk Pet Fall Fashions! Now while the cutesy and glamorous outfits are always fun, here at Carolina Pet, we strive for form and function (it has to look great and keep you warm). Here are a few of our favorites you will find in our collection, perfect to keep your pet warm AND fashionable this fall….

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Camping with Dogs

June is officially National Camping Month! Whether you are an RV’er, Glamper or like to “ruff” it – we all, including our dogs, LOVE camping!

Packing the essentials for you and your campers is key to a great experience. We have rounded up some great products to keep your pet comfortable on your trip…

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Feline Faves

Cats might be our most difficult customer. They can be pretty picky when it comes to beds or other comforts; preferring a box or a pile of clothes to a luxe new bed. But we have some products your cat will find purr-fect. Take it from these happy felines…

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The Dog Abides, Man

March 6th is the 25th anniversary of the movie The Big Lebowski’s debut in North America in 1998. We are honoring this day by highlighting our very own Big LeBARKski Collection, inspired and modeled after the iconic Pendleton design. Read More…

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For The Love of Dogs ❤️

Our pets show us unconditional love all day, everyday. Every little thing they do is just the cutest and they are always there when we need them. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and to show our pets that we appreciate them choosing us as their companions, we’ve rounded up our favorite RED products. Read on to find the perfect one for your pet…

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Winter Fun!

Photo of dog running in snow wearing Pendleton Pet Plaid Coat

I was once told there is no such thing as extreme temperatures, just poor clothing choices 🥶. While that may be true, I think I will stay within the safety of my hot chocolate and blanket until April!

For many of us, winter is a time to hibernate indoors and stay as far away from the cold and snow as possible. However, for everyone else, winter time = play time!

Here are some photos of our Pendleton Pet friends that prove that winter can be fun…

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Purchase With A Purpose

Did you know that every time you buy a Pendleton Pet National Park Collection for your pet, you aren’t just getting them a great piece, your purchase has a purpose!

Click to find out how…

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Who Is Carolina Pet Company?

Many of us prefer to shop small. From the moment we step into a boutique or visit a website, you can feel and understand the passion that the team has for what they are doing. They have an amazing back story and reason for doing what they do. It makes us feel good to help…

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